Han’s Journal #7

Assignment Topic 7.2, Midterm Presentation.

For the user story part, I think deeper about how the process should flow when the user tries to use my app to complete a task.

Before the enhancement

After the enhancement

Han’s Journal #1

In this module, I learned how to brainstorm by creating a mind map. Mind map practice has helped me learn more in a visual way. I think that’s a great way to analyze a persona and your mind. so it’s a great way…

Han’s Journal #14

This week is the week to finish my slideshow and give my final presentation.

For each task flow, I made the following changes:

  1. redesign home screen based on last week’s assignment feedback
  2. add a calendar icon for the home screen
  3. add a “Lookbook inspirations”…

Han Jiang

Incremental progress is real progress.

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